Create business value with AI

Grow revenue, optimise cost and dominate your market with the ultimate artificial intelligence system.
Spatialedge is proud to be working with these great companies.

Combine human intuition with machine intelligence
to deliver high value results.

An AI toolkit, consisting of the SE data platform, best practices, and highly skilled experts. The AI toolkit facilitates and accelerates the creation of bespoke enterprise AI apps. AI Apps that deliver real business value.
Organize your data
Our systems and engineers will help you organize all the data in your organization. Bringing together siloed information, creating fit-for-purpose data assets and building highly performant feature stores for your data scientists.

Both real-time and batch based systems.

We are ingesting more than 80 TB of data per day and are actively ingesting more than 500 data sources.
High performance machine learning
We will help you focus on building the right machine learning (ML) models. Run effective proof-of-concepts to build business cases. Craft highly performant ML models. Then when ready, productionize the models and integrate them into your organization.

If you already have a data science team, then we fit right in, providing machine learning engineering services and improvements to your processes.

Operationalized +100 models
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Sustainability through AIOps
The models, integrations and applications we build provide real value to the organisations and become part of their daily operations. To ensure sustainability and reliability, we provide MLOps and DataOps services to ensure that the models and applications keep performing and delivering value.
Decision applications
Finally, the executive team, planners, buyers and marketers in organisations need to interact with the models in a way that they understand and fits with their workflow.

We build decision apps and deliver it through our decision hub that empowers them to make great decisions fast. Combining human intuition with machine intelligence for taking the best actions and implementing the best plans.

Data driven AI solutions

Here is a list of solutions we have helped companies with - accelerated through our AI toolset.
Demand forecasting on a per sku level, taking a variety of internal and external factors into account to get the right stock in the right stores at the right times.
Datasets combined with AI-powered metrics that allows you to quickly react to potential churn, upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
Smart markdown apps that can tell you when and by how much fashion stock should be marked down so that everything is sold by the target date with the highest possible profit.
Smart capital expenditure apps helping planners to find the best locations, determine the right characteristics of stores and rapidly create plans to safely and smartly spend the capital budget. Realising much better returns, faster.
Call-center optimisation enabling the call to be routed to the best available agent, while giving the agent the right tools to satisfy the customer.
Retail basket analysis and predictions, promotion analysis and management of scientific, in-the-field retail experiments that enables retailers to create better bundles, promotions and assortment for more and bigger sales.

Why Spatialedge?

A pragmatic machine learning solutions provider, obsessively focused on helping businesses to continuously create business value at high speed and low risk.

We have been applying data science to business problems since 2013, and even though we are deep experts in the field, delivering successful data applications that improves the bottom line means solving the right problems, building great models, integrating models with business process, navigating technologies, educating employees and applying the right processes. We take these things and more into consideration with each engagement.
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