The team at Spatialedge are problem solvers above all else. They have a deep respect for staying curious, open-minded, humble, honest, for following the data wherever it may lead them, and for not taking life too seriously.

Bernie Lindner

Carl du Plessis

Craig Oliver

Cronje Fourie

Dan de Villiers

Deon Basson

Frank Ortmann

Hans-Werner Heuer

Hein du Plessis

Izaane Nortje

Jaco Gericke

Jacques du Toit

Johan Kellermann

Konrad Blum

Lee-Anne Allison

Lindani Pani

Lydia de Lange

Marné Botha

Philip Perold

Pierre le Roux

Pieter van der Westhuizen

Retief Gerber

Rudolf Lüttich

Sepideh Stray

Stefan le Roux

Taariq February

Tanja Du Plessis

Therese Smit