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Senior OPS Engineer

June-August 2023
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Full time
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What we’re looking for

Someone who is very comfortable with the terminal, Linux admin, bash scripting and modern infrastructure as code. Someone who is capable of leading an ops team and ensuring all systems are functioning, tickets are adequately addressed and clients are happy.

Who we are

Spatialedge was founded at the beginning of 2015 and have evolved to be one of the best specalised big data and machine learning companies in Africa. At Spatialedge we believe that skilled AI developers can contribute to a better planet. Together with our clients we shape their future and help improve their triple-bottom-line: People, Planet, Profit.

Technical skills

  • Linux & network administration (RHEL)
  • Dev ops processes
  • Python & Bash scripting
  • Helm / kubernetes
  • Terraform / ansible
  • Git & CICD

Soft/personal skills

  • Automation & continuous improvement mindset
  • Skilled in system fault finding/debugging
  • Experience with system analysis and architecture
  • Good communicator
  • Able to self manage

Additional positives

  • Experience as DBA for
    • MySQL
    • PosgreSQL
  • Agile/scrum competent
  • Kerberos/LDAP
  • Experience with
    • Apache HDFS
    • Apache Hive
    • Apache Impala
    • Apache Kafka
    • Apache NiFi
    • Apache Ranger
    • Apache Spark
    • Apache YARN

If you are interested in applying please send your CV to